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    Paris Virtual Film Festival
    Paris Virtual Film Festival © Hartland Villa
    du 30 JUIN au 02 JUILLET 2017

    Paris Virtual Film Festival (2017) - English version

    Building on the success of last year’s edition, the 2nd Paris Virtual Film Festival returns to Forum des images, from 30 June through 2 July, 2017. This more ambitious edition promises to leave visitors amazed with three fully immersive days! Reflecting on what virtual reality can tell us about today's world, as it paves the way for related technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and holograms, seems more vital than ever. Beyond its technological wizardry, what is the message of this new medium?


    This year, the French Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA) will launch its first VR Challenge. Four teams of creators will have 48 hours to produce a 360° video, using only classic archival footage. The results of this hackathon will be submitted to our distinguished jury members, who will award prizes to the best two creations.


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