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    Paris Virtual Film Festival
    Paris Virtual Film Festival © Diversion cinema
    du 04 au 08 AVRIL 2018

    Paris Virtual Film Festival - English version

    The first festival dedicated to VR, as seen through the prism of cinema and artistic creation!

    Successfully launched in 2016, Paris Virtual Film Festival will return to Forum des images from 4 through 8 April, 2018 with a fully immersive 3rd edition.

    Building on the success of the two first years and supported by a vast audience, but also by creators and experts, Paris Virtual Film Festival will think big again. During five days, the 3rd edition will make sure everyone gets a taste of the most remarkable and innovative creations. On 2018, Paris Virtual Film Festival promises novices and new technologies fans, but also professionals and young audience an edition full of surprises and original experiences!


    What’s new for 2018? 

    5 days
    for a fully immersive edition

    A wide selection
    of movies, innovating creations and original experiences

    For everyone
    novices and experts, professionals, creators and young audience

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    2018: two entire days dedicated to industry professionals

    The 3rd edition will include a brand new event: two entire days reserved for industry professionals, with experts and distinguished guests, featuring a wide variety of conferences virtual production and artistic creation. Please note that attendees must be accredited: more information coming up soon.


    What about the last edition? VR in all its glory… in the heart of Paris!

    attendants in 3 days
    movies and immersive experiences
    attendees for trade meetings

    Holograms and cinema: a unique virtual show 

    This performance was created exclusively for the opening of the festival in 2017 and combined the holograms and cinematographic masterpieces. Against the fabulous backdrop of Saint-Eustache church in Paris, movies such as Metropolis and 2001: A Space Odyssey became real during an unforgettable experience! 

    guests 2017


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